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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Passive Income through the Internet: ShareCash

        Passive income is something everyone wants to know how to create. Some people do it through real estate and some do it through stocks. But the point of this post is to create it through the internet. Many methods are viable solutions such as buying low and selling high on eBay and Amazon (which both I have tried) or even affiliate marketing and developing websites. But all of these take so long to build up and have success with and can require risking money (though once built up can be great earning options). However the system I display below has proved the most viable for me. Remember through reading this I am only 15, so if I can figure it out and do this imagine what you can do. Okay, Here we Go!
        The big system I have been talking about involves file sharing which in most basic terms is you upload a file for the public and when they want it they click and download it. So here is how you make the money, instead of them going directly to the download they have to go through a middleman which acts as sort of a lock on the file. So now the process will occur like this, you upload a file then someone wants it and clicks the link to download it and before they can they must take a survey or watch an advertisement. This is where the cash rolls in, depending on the middleman site you use you can get paid anywhere from 1-20 dollars per download. I average around 2 dollars per download. Before I continue with methods I use on how to spread the files, where to get them, what type the should be, what they should be of, and how to get people to download them here is the site I use that I have had the most success with: ShareCash

What Types of Files Should I Upload?
        Anything that you think is profitable or think people would be willing to fill out a survey to get to. The site already has a list of software, books, games, and movies that they own some rights to so you can spread without fear of copyright. You can also go on search of your own. Where I made a lot of money recently is when people were looking for a place to watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao so I found a site serving it for a cheaper price then downloaded the link on a text file. Then I uploaded that file to the site and then gave the link for the download of the text file all over the web. This includes various forums and social media sites. Now this only made me money temporarily (because it was a one night ordeal), but that day I made about 80 dollars for about twenty minutes of work. Think about it, I found something that was in demand, I connected people with it, and I made some cash on the side. However the next methods I discuss will create more passive income so the more work you do the more passive income per day. I average about 40 dollars a day right now but I am slowly increasing. Some top earners I have seen are making 800 dollars a day but I am not quite there yet.
Method 1: YouTube
        Okay so say you have written or found a PDF of a book on guitar basics. So what you will do here is create a new video or whole new channel on YouTube for guitar basics (it’s up to you). You don't need to know a lot about guitars to do this and can be a learning experience for you also. The video could involve you discussing a few chords with pictures of finger placement on a slide show. Then at the end of the video tell them if they want more to click on the link on the bottom and get the book. This method works decently well. The only problem is finding a sector of YouTube that has not been polluted too much and after finding a niche then posting a quality video. You now have one stream of passive income!
Method 2: YahooAnswers, Quora, Ask, Etc.
        For this one take a scenario where someone has asked a question on stocks and investing. You will answer with a high quality response, make sure not just to drop a link and that be it, this is spam and not helpful and will most likely result in a ban and very little profits. Once you have responded with the question leave a royalty free (one that does not have copy rights on it) PDF of a book in the bottom of the answer and tell them it is a good place to get started. You will get downloads like wildfire especially if you get lots of upvotes for a good answer on Quora. If on Quora you could also use the promote option for credits you have earned which is a free way to promote your file. This is a great option!
Method 3: Niche Website
        This one is a little more complicated than the others. First of all for those of you who do not know a niche website is a specialized website in which you have one specific category that is unique to you and makes your site stand out in the google rankings and gets you lots of visitors. This is by far the hardest method. You have two options when doing this, firstly you can buy a website from somewhere like GoDaddy or you can build a free blogging site at blogger. I suggest the second methods for beginner for a few reasons. For one you get a free website domain name and can set up with no experience in a matter of a few minutes and secondly because it is made by Google you are automatically ranked higher and have a better chance of getting your site on the first page of google for when people search for a niche related to you. Now what you will do on this site is similar to the other methods but instead you will have a whole site dedicated to it. Now instead of just having one post about investing and one PDF you might have ten or twelve on your site resulting in massive profits. You have two options for the site to make money. You can either A) lock all files so people have to take a survey to get to each or B) have all PDF's, softwares, games, etc. in one place and have a one-time unlock where they get a password to it all for future use. I prefer option B. This requires knowing how to lock a file with a password. You will need to learn how to do that on your own as I don't feel I know enough to help you on that. 

Method 4: Not a Method but a Suggestion
        There are many more methods out there and you just need to do your work to find them or create your own. This all works best and you maximize profits when you combine these methods together and intertwine them. Good Luck with all of this!

The Proof
        To show you my earnings I have posted a few pictures of the site. Note that I am new to this and still in the learning process and have only been doing this for a week or so.
Once again here is the link to sign up: ShareCash

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Update: I put a banner to a traffic exchange site to drive more traffic on the right hand side of my blog, I will do blog on this soon but if you want to sign up, it is there.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Welcome to Work! Earn! Fun!

Welcome to Work! Earn! Fun! this is a blog for the advanced and beginners on creating internet cash flow. I will be experimenting with many methods and acting as an Internet Crash Dummy so you don't make the same mistakes I most likely will. As you can obviously tell there is nothing on the site yet, but not for long. Expect about one week for me to get my first post out. I already have a line up of a few posts but please feel free to shoot me some Ideas via email. Also I am quite the newbie to this whole blogger thing so if any one also has suggestions for the site please go ahead and tell me. I look forward to growing a community on this blog and helping those like me generate passive income online. Please subscribe to my email list and help spread the word. Thanks for Visiting!